GS27 is the No. 1 French brand in cleaning and care products for cars and motorbikes. As an expert in car care, launching a selection of air fresheners to complete its interior care range was a logical step, guaranteeing a clean, delicately scented car, which is enjoyable to drive.

In 2011, we set out the 3 principles on which all the products in the Déocar range are based:

  •          allergen-free products, safe for the vehicle occupants.
  •          quality, original, subtle fragrances.
  •          attractive products.


All the products have been developed according to these founding principles.

100% French fragrances

All the Déocar air fresheners use only high-quality French fragrances. All the Déocar air fresheners are also free of allergens and any other ingredients that are harmful to health. As proof, there is no hazard symbol on the packaging! People who are sensitive to fragrances such as children, people with allergies or elderly people can therefore safely enjoy the gentle Déocar scents.

Safe products

Unlike many products on the market, Déocar air fresheners do not display any hazard symbols. Our products are allergen-free and do not present any health risks to any occupant of your vehicle, so you can peacefully enjoy the pleasantly scented atmosphere together.

Choose the method that suits you

Our rigorously selected fragrances are discreetly and pleasantly diffused in all interiors, whichever method you choose.

You can use Déocar Origin and Déocar Ball directly in the air conditioning vents. Their colours will brighten up your interior and fit in with its general design.

For 100% controlled use, you can use our sprays, which last for up to 150 days when sprayed twice a day.

Or you can go for the simple option with Déocar Star, a fragranced disc in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, which hangs elegantly from your rear view mirror.

Varied scents

The fragrances are exceptionally long-lasting and high-quality. You can choose the scent that suits your tastes, or change it with the season and your mood.

Our range of scents includes Monoi, Lotus Flowers, Tropical Flowers, New Car, Cherry, Vanilla, Blackberry & Cinnamon, Vanilla & Spices, and Apple.

To help you discover our exclusive, safe, 100% French fragrances, here is a key to the personality of each scent:

- Monoi: gentleness and warmth

- Lotus Flower: calm, de-stressing

- Tropical Flowers: a feeling of well-being

- Vanilla & Spices: a comforting feeling

- Blackberry & Cinnamon: happiness and childhood memories

- New Car: fresh and pure

- Cherry: a tangy scent, very popular with children

- Vanilla: sophisticated, flavourful notes

- Apple: a fresh, fruity fragrance

- Strawberry : sweet & gentle

- Lime: a fresh and refreshing fragrance

- Tropical fruits: fruity fragrance with exotics notes